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Richmond Hill is a collection of really great pubs, hotels & B&B’s mainly in community driven towns in the heart and soul of England, the West Midlands.


Our venues serve good quality, fresh, honest food and drink in relaxed, welcoming surroundings. Our pubs are full of character and individuality; great places for local people, businesses, families and tourists to eat, drink, sleep and call their own. Every pub is unique, individually designed to suit their town or village, and respecting each pub’s history and location.


Our pubs are lovely, but it’s our people that make them stand out. Each one is a well-loved “local” to its regulars (hosting a wealth of fun events and special occasions and supporting good causes), as well as offering a warm welcome to every new face. This focus on great service has won Richmond Hill the love and respect of its patrons.


Richmond Hill is not a chain, it’s a group of like-minded enthusiasts. We will never be the biggest pub company; we’re out for perfection on a small scale, fuelled by passion for good food and drink and a keen interest in sustainability.

Each venue is run by managers who love their town, know their customers and above all have a passion for great customer service and satisfaction.

The Richmond Hill Family.

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