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The Whiteheath Tavern is an inviting and family friendly cottage style pub situated in Oldbury.

It was once called the new hotel which catered for passers by that needed a bed for the night.


The venue closed for a period of time and reopened as the whiteheath tavern, which has stayed the same name to date.


It's a great local community pub with friendly staff and customers, serving great beer and ale. We have pub games available such as, darts, pool, dominoes & card games.


We have a pool team and a darts team that play weekly for the local leagues. New members are welcome.


We have entertainment on Friday's and Saturdays.

We have revolving specials on draughts and spirits throughout the year.

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The Whiteheath Tavern

400 Birchfield Lane
B69 1AD

telephone: 0121 439 1500


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